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CMU Tepper 2011 Interview Experience ( for class entering of 2013)

Interview 1:

GMAT: 740, Profile: IT 3 years

The questions for my interview (CMU Tepper / R1/ 11th November, 2010) were:

1. Discuss your profile work & responsibilities,

2.How does a typical work day looks like for you

3. Why MBA , why now.

4. Why Tepper

5. Some leadership experience

6. Something that you will like to share from outside work.

8. What will be your biggest contribution to Tepper community?

9. What do you think you have to gain most out of Tepper community?

10. Any questions for me.

My interview was with Krystal Brooks (from the admissions committee) and lasted around 25 minutes.

Interview 2:

GMAT: 710, Profile: Female, IT 4 years

Duration – 30 minutes

Interviewer – Krystal Brooks


1) Walk me through your resume – academically and professionally.

2) Why MBA and why now?

3) Why Tepper?

4) What plans immediately after Tepper

5) What do you do outside work?

6) How would you contribute to the collaborative team environment at Tepper?

7) Any questions for us?

Overall the interview was very relaxed. She was very encouraging while I was answering the questions.

IIMC PGPEX 2011 Interview experience/ Questions

Profile: IT/ Internet marketing Entrepreneur

I had my interview scheduled from 12:30 p.m. I reached the interview centre at 12:00 p.m. only to find that the interviews are running late by half an hour.

I had to wait for quite sometime and also got the chance to chat with people coming out of the interview hall. Everyone seemed helpless and frustrated.

Finally I was called up at around 1:00 p.m.

The interview was conducted in a big hall and the interviewers were sitting somewhat far away from me. They were two in number and both were the professors at IIMC. They started with my hobbies, interests, achievements and tried extremely hard to put me down. They moved to the current affairs and had asked a few questions before moving to General Knowledge questions. One of the two interviewers was always laughing while the other one was always serious and was trying to demotivate me. The demotivating one told me that as you have done your BE in Electrical Engg. and you are working in IT, you have wasted your 4 years, not only yours but also your teachers’ and your peers. I gave the answers to all the questions but when I came out, I was nowhere near being satisfied. I don’t know if I had done better as that was the format of the interview but I was certainly not confident.

Later after talking to many students I found out that everyone faced the same situation.


Not much can be done for GK and Current Affairs. Just read and read.

Be thorough about your hobby.

INSEAD Interview experience/questions 2010 ( for class of 2012)

Profile : IIT, 4 years experience, 2 years IT services, 2 years Own venture

1) Why engineering? Did you chose Metallurgy or it was based on rank?

I said academically I had a restrictive background and so needed to get out it and interest in science led me to engineering and what can be better than any one of the IITs

2) Why MBA? Why now? Asked me to explain when I said that I want to expand beyond traditional business model? Why INSEAD?

3) Leadership example from Infosys

4) Failure example. At this he came up with study-group case where he asked me how I would react if someone in the group is not contributing. He stretched me a bit on this asking more questions e.g. if you take over his work then you are allowing him to relax, which is not good. I said my primary concern is the group’s objective. His phone rang and we broke of the conversation there 🙂

5) Outside of work example

6) Clubs of interest at INSEAD

ISB Telephonic Interview experience 2010

Applicant profile: IT 7.5 years, UK, GMAT : 680

I dialed in at the schedule time and there were two people on the other side; one was a admission officer and the 2nd an alumni. There was confusion over Skype id but it was resolved within minutes…the i/v then started

Q) –> Tell us something about yourself

A) –> Easy response

Q) –> then they moved to one of the significant achievements (20% revenue increase by correcting estimation process)

A) –> Explained in detailed

Q) –> Another significant achievement (synch. of database resulting in 80% call reduction)

A) –> Explained my role

Q) –> Most significant achievement

A) –> There were about 20-25 resources who joined this key integration project at the same time in Glasgow and I was the least experienced of the resources;

But I was able to prove myself and now I am the lead designer with people more experienced working under me.

Q) –. What did u do to make it happen?

A) –> Proactively asked for more work, discussed with the PM to gain an understanding of the project and go through the documents whenever I was low on work….all this gave me better understanding of the system and thus was promoted to the lead designer role.

Q) –> Typical day at work

A) –> Right now, the project is set to high live towards Nov end and we are into comparison testing and as a lead designer have to provide inputs to resolve the issues.

Q) –> Why MBA when you can get into Project Management via PMP ( My long term goal is Solution Architect and short term is Project Manager)

A) –> MBA would give me the exposure which a PMP won’t provide; PMP can give me a theoretical foundation but its best to learn from the peers, through networking and the MBA experience

Q) –> You are wrong.. PMP does goes about by taking a project into consideration.

A) –> I may be wrong but I have observed people in my company getting PMP but cribbing about lack of practical exposure; I believe that MBA would give the exposure and the diversified learning which cannot be gained by any other source; recently ISB had an conclave where imminent speakers came and spoke about Cloud Computing, an emerging technology. Where can I get such experience?

Q) –> What are your long term plans?

A) –> Work as a Solution Architect

Q) –> This speaks for only till you are 37 years (right now I am 32)…what next

A) –> Senior Solution Architect, Master Solution Architect

Q) –> That is till 45 years…what about next

A) –> I haven’t planned for that long…my planning it for 5 years and I’ll take it from there on…

Q) –> What are the three companies that you would like to work for?

A) –> I told them that I have picked Accenture and Deloitte and the reasons why I would join them.

Q) — Why not join them straight away?

A) –> Right now I am not ready…Currently a Lead designer…the next thing is to do an MBA and prepare myself for the ROLE…

That was the major part of the interview…20 – 25 mins of discussions…a grilling interview…

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ISB 2011 Round 1( for class of 2012) Interview Experiences

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