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Apphelp Client Success Story : CMU Tepper 2011 Admit

Neha Garg talks about how Apphelp ( http://www.apphelp.co.in ) helped her in cracking Tepper admission process. She was able to get a part tuition fees scholarship as well.

Apphelp client ISB Success Story 2011

Himanshu Jain was able to crack ISB admissions with the help provided by the ISB alumnus from the Apphelp Team

Apphelp Client Success Story : Olin 2011 Admit with 50% scholarship

Samyak thanks Apphelp Team ( http://www.apphelp.co.in/ ) for the guidance provided for drafting the essays. He was able to secure an admit from Olin with a 50% scholarship.

Healthcare MBA program

Here are few programs which are well know for Healtcare specialization:

Richard Ivey Business school in Ontario, Canada is a top ranked Canadian business school and is well recognized for MBA Health Sector Management.


Haas – Joint MBA/MPH. Haas has a concentration in Health Policy and Management. Its not the easiest school to get into, but great joint program.

Duke has a strong health management concentration in its full-time program.

Wharton school of business Doctorate program in healthcare administration. The admission requirements are the same as an MBA.

UNC Kenan Flagler UNC has a good program with emphasis on healthcare.

NUS Singapore Interview Experience/ Questions

GMAT: 630

Profile: Indian/ Female, 5 years PR & Communications

There were two people who conducted the interview- a lady from Adcom and the Prof. Nitin (the academic head) and both were equally involved in posing questions and evaluating. The lady from Ad Com was taking notes while Prof Nitin was judging the communication skills and body language.

The interview was pretty different from expected. There were no questions around Tell us something about yourself, why do you wish to pursue an MBA etc.

I was told by the interviewers that they have no sense of my profile and that all they had seen were my essays. Apparently, it was a blind interview, although towards the end they did ask me about my one of my client projects and what different did i manage for them.

The first question was from my essay that I wrote on offshoring the production base. They asked me questions around:

  • If you had to choose a destination which one would it be and why? I answered India
  • Why not China? What will be the comparative advantage if it was China and disadvantage too?

The next question was posed by Prof Nitin on a professional failure and how did I overcome that/learnings? I was not prepared for this and took a few seconds to answer. In the meanwhile, he asked if there have been no professional failures? Which I handled by saying- thats a rare possibility and then quickly made something up.

They were ready to wrap up my interview in fifteen minutes and asked if i have some questions for them. I managed to pull the conversation by saying please let me know if you have a few questions related to my profile as i would not get a chance to speak with you again.

Post this there were a few questions around my profile- Why I chose the profession I am pursuing, what excites me in it, the work that i did for one of my clients, the adcom lady also asked me a question on what keeps me going apart from work.

Towards the end there was also a question on how my experience has been on working with international clients and what I learnt from them.

The last bit of the conversation was my question to NUS.

The interview lasted for 30 minutes and overall was quite comfortable and more of a conversation than questions and cross questions.


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