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XLRI GMP Interview Experience/ Questions

Profile : 5.5 years IT ( 2 years onsite), GMAT: 660

My interview was scheduled at 10:30 but I reached the venue around 09:45. I went up the stairs the interview room. I could have opened the interview room door(glass one), but I realized that there is interview going on. I went to waiting room and there was nobody there. After 10 min a gentleman came and asked if I would like to start my interview. We entered the interview room.

There were three gentlemen and one asked for my certificate folder and he said that he will check them. So all the documents must be properly placed which was not the case with me. 🙁

First question: Why GMP?

Ans: I tried to elaborate a bit by discussing my experience but the person interrupted me and asked if I am answering his question…. I don’t know whether he wanted to distract me or he wanted me to be precise. I told him that I coming to that.

Question: Have you heard about the word genocide? What does that mean?

Ans: Told him

Question: Any genocide in last 10 years?

Ans: Don’t know sir

Question: Any genocide

Ans: I told about Germans killing Jews. I got confused with dates and said it was in 1960 but pulled it back by saying it was during World War 2.

Question: through my essays… synonym of affable and rapport

Ans: Could’t give a proper synonym… but tried to explain it

Question: how many subsets can you make with n objects?

Ans: After thinking I said 2^n

Question: How

Ans: Tried to explain using nc1 + nC2 +….. +nCn = 2^n but person said he is looking for something else

Then there was some discussion about Swiss culture.

Then I think I answered one question well: You have written you strike or initiate a good conversation with most of people you meet. But don’t you think good conversation currently going was initiated by us… we made you comfortable…

Ans: you are correct sir… really comfortable here… but I think for a good conversation good reaction is as important as good initiation… and I think I reacted well to your effort and was not in shell.

Last question: if I assign one attribute neutrality to Swiss give me two more

Ans: Swiss people are money specific they want full value of each penny spent… the interviewer interrupted me and asked me to leave.

I am not sure if they were too happy with my answer and they thought they were not to the point.

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