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Rotman interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2015, Round 1

GMAT score: 720

Profile: 2 years in telecom job, 3+ years in own venture

My interviewer was Sheldon Dookeran, Assistant Director of MBA Recruitment and Admission.

I: A very Good Afternoon Sir and thanks for inviting me for the interview.

Interviewer: It is my pleasure. So let me tell you that interviews at Rotman are bit different and informal and can be considered as an interactive session and very good opportunity to know each other personally.

Question: Please walk me through your resume.

Question: Would you start the services here in Canada or you will go back to your country?

Answer: I will go back to my country for expanding my services for the sector and then use Rotman’s global network for becoming global SCM solution providers to global manufacturers not only to telcos but also to FMCG companies like Johnson and Johnson and P&G.

Question: Since we know that you are very much interested in Rotman than other MBA programs you have applied, how do you think that Rotman can help you with the goal?

Answer: I think Rotman can help me in three aspects namely Skills, network and Brand

I explained the basic quality of Rotman that set it apart from the world is its integrative thinking which will help me bringing my thoughts into ideas. Rotman’s self-development lab will help me improve my communication skills and Rotman core curriculum will help me understand the cohesiveness of different verticals such as Finance, marketing and operations management within an organization.

Networking: Group interaction and industrial tie ups will give me a robust network across the globe. As Toronto is the financial heart and city for multiculturalism, I will get insights into cultures and business practices in different countries.

Brand: Branding will add weight when I am in front of angel investors and venture capitalist pitching for my business plan

Question: How culture and trade go hand in hand in India?

Ans: I explained him the strategies we follow during festive occasions like EID and use the number 786 for marketing strategies to attract Muslim customers.

Question: Do you think iphone would be successful in opening retail outlets in India?

Question: What about RIM?

Ans: RIM is struggling because it tried to move out of its focus which was its business class consumers, who don’t appreciate rapidly changing features but push mail.

Question: Rotman is known for diversity, how will you bring diversity to the class room?

Question: Before we close our discussion, is there any think you want to ask ?

Ans: I ask him about Roger Martin, the dean of Rotman and his research, Centre of innovation and entrepreneurship- How many successful startups are currently working coming out of this program.

Total interview duration 35-40 minutes.

He asked me to drop an email and said he will reply to my query and then I dropped him a follow up email to which he replied.

Final Result: Offered Admission

Richard Ivey Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 650

Profile: 5+ years in own venture

The interview was conducted on Skype and I spoke to Brenda from the school. She was extremely warm and comforting and her style of interview was simple but she was making through observations (I could see her taking notes).

She started as per usual introduction. She first introduced herself and then she talked about weather in Delhi and some other things she knew about India (with the idea to make the candidate comfortable). She than explained that she would be taking notes throughout the interview.

1. Please walk me through your resume?

While I was going ahead with my life story, she was especially interested in my personal and extracurricular activities. She did not ask me even once about my professional work experience at this stage.

2. Why do you want to do an MBA?

My answer was convincing, however she went to absolute details of what my future plan is. I could see that she is getting into my story and she would not be able to understand my complex enterpreurial plan at the moment. However, she kept digging into see the depth of my plan. She even asked me about my back up plans, again in acute detail (this was not in the case of Rotman as they did not dig so deep)

3. She asked me question on my profile, especially the eco friendly crematoria and how did I came about starting this project.

4. She than asked me the conflict question. How do I deal with a conflict, especially in a team set up. Again, it was a question she spent a lot of time on and she went through in detail about the examples from my professional work-ex?

5. Next she went across my work experience, but it was not in detail as the previous questions. However, she did ask me some specific questions about my cloud computing consulting experience.

6. At this juncture of the interview. She paused and started talking about Richard Ivey and the approach of the Bschool. She gave in detail that Ivey is a very snug program and they are very careful in picking the right people as they have only 135 seats etc.

7. Now she started asking me question I was not expecting (by this time she knew that I had a strong insight on the Bschool- electives, clubs, professors etc). She asked me about Canada (not why study in Canada but like a trivia about Canada). She asked me about the latest stories in Canadian press etc.

8. She asked me about my hobbies, what kind of books do I read etc.

9. In the end, she said that my interview is over and its time I start the process of interviewing her. I asked her about 5 questions (3 I have already thought off and 2 came from our discussion). A point to note here is that this was not just her allowing me to ask questions to her, she deliberately made it into a scenario that I was interviewing the Bschool. She was definitely making an observation here as I saw her writing a lot in this section.

We thanked each other and she advised me that I would be hearing back from the Adcom by Oct first week.

My Observations: This Bschool lays a lot of emphasis on the soft skills. These folks are not too much interested in our work-ex but more concerned about our people skills and what we plan to do in future. I was tracking a lot of folks from India who were getting interviewed by Ivey with me (a week prior and after my interview). If anyone is rejected in the interview I see them getting a ding letter within 5 days. I saw people with good profile and vey high Gmat scores (730+) getting dinged. It seems Ivey is looking for specific profiles. Lastly, from online forums I figured out that Ivey is not very keen on getting the bulk of candidates from India. They are looking at Latin America to diversify and they are giving scholarships to those students.

Final Result: Offered Admission

IIMA PGPX Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014

GMAT score: 690

Profile: 6 years Indian Army, 1 year HR

There were 2 interviewers both were IIMA profs. Interview was conducted in IIMA campus on 30-09-12.

Q1 So you asked the other interviewees what is being asked in the interview?

Ans No. Not much. Rather current students were there and I asked them many questions.

Q2 What did you ask them?


Q3 Where all were you posted in Army?

Ans I said my first posting was in Allahabad then there were questions on what all is there in Allahabad. There is a famous church in Allahabad and I knew who build it and why it was build in Allahabad. One prof asked me whether I know what Allahabad University was earlier. I said I do not know.

Q4 You have done BBA and Certificate program in Management then why you need to go for PGPX?

Ans I answered that objective of PGPX and other programs which I did earlier is different and I elaborated it a bit.

Q5 Why you want to go into Retail or Real estate industry (I have written in my essay that I want to get into operations role in these industries)?

Q6 Do you think you will be able to survive in Real estate industry where there are lot of unethical practices?

Ans I said I will keep my ethical standards intact.

After this they gave me extempore topic and one Prof glanced through my documents. While seeing the certificates she asked why you did MSc in Applied Psychology. I answered it and this led to a discussion between two profs.

Q7 What are the five things that corporates can learn from Army?


Final Result: Offered Admission

IIMC PGPEX Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014

GMAT score: 690

Profile: 6 years Indian Army, 1 year HR

Interview was taken by 2 IIMC prof. One prof had gone out so initial round of questions were from one prof only.

Here are the questions

Q1 What was your role in Army and which arm in Indian Army you were in?

Q2 What is your qualification?


Then second prof enters and I explained the same things again. Prof 2 calculates my experience and writes on a sheet which also contained columns regarding qualifications (whether it is BE/BTech or others), PG or graduate.

Q3 What are the 2 things that are similar between Army and corporate world and 2 things that are different?

Q4 Whether you will be taking Single or married accommodation?

Q5 Where is your wife working?

Q7 This course is very intensive and you will need good quantitative skills?

Ans I said I have been good in Mathematics. I scored well in 10th, 12th, Grad and GMAT in Quantitative subjects. I also had lot application of Mathematics in Army too. I said if there is something I need to learn I will do so.

Q6 Have you studied Calculus?

Ans I said I have not been exposed to Calculus as it was not part of my curriculum

One prof said if you are aware of areas you need to work upon then you will be to improve upon that.

Final Result: Offered Admission

ISB Interview experiences 2012 ( for class entering in 2013)

ISB Interview experience 1

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 740

Profile: 3+ years in innovative materials industry

My One word essay topic- Surrealism

Interview panel consisted of two, one was a ISB alumnus and the other admissions official

Interview started with a line from Mahatma Gandhi that I had quoted in my first Essay. Then it moved to standard interview questions of why an MBA, why from ISB, why now and how I would add value to the class.

Afterwards I was questioned on my one word essay, 3M and my job responsibilities. At the end they gave me an opportunity to ask them questions which I politely passed.

Overall the interview was very relaxed and the panel members seemed genuinely interested to know about me as a candidate.

Final Result: Offered Admission


ISB Interview experience 2

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 720

Profile: MBBS, Heathcare industry

There were 3 people, 2 alums one of which was most probably a doctor.

Interview started before the scheduled time and lasted for 25-30 minutes. Overall experience was good. It didnt feel like an interview. It was like a chat. The doctor said it was a waste of my talent to be sitting there (I did really well in college)

Q1. So what is your current job?

Q2. What is the product that you have developed? Whats in it for the company? Whats in it for the concerned person?

Q3. What work can your company do in this field?

Q4. What are the challenges that the Indian healthcare sector faces/ What can you do?

Q5. What have been your challenges? What have you done to overcome them?

Q. They asked if there is such a shortage of doctors, should they work in the marketing department at pharma companies? I said that due to the mutual respect, doctors listen to doctors better and dont listen to the sales guys. So, doctors in marketing can be more effective . But I made it clear that everyone was free to do what he/she wants. ( in essence, its none of my business)

Q6. Any questions for us? I asked abt the WGCP and the electives for Healthcare, The Max Institute etc

Bottomline: Do your homework well. Be sure of the industry you’re in (you should know the stats and stuff) and what you want to do there.

Final Result: Offered Admission

ISB Interview experience 3

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 720

Profile: 7+ years in IT services , 5 years of international exposure

My interview was on 8th Nov, Delhi, 5:10PM .

Mine was the last slot of the day and the panel was running around 2 hours late. When I entered the room, there was only 1 lady in the panel. She appologized profusely for keeping me waiting. She also explained the the other member (1 guy from adcom) had left as they had misplaced the application of the guy interviewed just before me, and hence the additional delay (panel was running abt 1 hr late until 4PM).

1. When did you go to US and when did you return

2. Tell me about your profile

3. What do you like best about your international exp (I have about 5 yrs of experience in US)

4. If I liked it so much, then why did I come back

Gave my reasons

She said thats rare, since most people in my position would not return … more dicussion.. the conversation lasted pretty long here .. we ended up discussing work hour, exchange rate, bringing up kids in these 2 countries (I have a kid)

5. Difference in work culture in America, Europe, Asia – I had mentioned in my app that I have worked with teams across the globe

6. Explain anayltics (I work in Business Analytics )

7. Example of how Big Data can be used

8. How are you using analytics in your current job profile

9. How have you used analytics in a creative manner – example

10. Questions about my skiing experience (talked abt it in my essay) .. some technicalities of skiing (i did not expect the panel to discuss this, but apparently she knew skiing as well!) .. conversation veered to my sports achievements, extra curriculars …

11. Post mba which company you would like to work for

answered Google – she asked abt maps on iphone (recent iphone 5 maps issue) – talk about Google, Apple

12. Any questions for us –

Umm… I was surprised that it was getting over since we had not talked abt my management, leadership experience at all.

13. I guess she read my mind, as she then she asked how long have I managed teams

14. How do I motivate my team

15. How do I work with the reluctant/unwilling team member

Thats it … shook hands, she apologized again for the delay

The interview lasted about 40mins. Overall a very good experience, no stress, just conversational. The panel was very cordial, and very knowledgeable.

Final Result: Offered Admission

ISB Interview experience 4

For Class of 2014, Round 1

The interview was a 30 minute skype interview. Questions asked were

1. Why MBA

2. What do you plan to do after graduation

3. Why so early in your career?

4. Why do you want to come back to India

5. Tell me about yourself

6. 10 minutes of highly specific questions about my projects

7. Walk us through the difficulty of taking a higher responsibility so early in your career

Final Result: Offered Admission

INSEAD interview experience/ questions

For Class starting in Sep 2013

GMAT score: 760

Profile: 4+ years in Economics – Advisory & Research

I was interviewed by CEO of an MNC and President of a Consultancy firm.

Standard Questions: Interviews were conducted at their respective offices and both interviews lasted 1.5 hours each. Interviewers have to fill a certain feedback form and most of the questions are asked from that form. These were:

  • Why MBA,
  • Why INSEAD,
  • What are your short term and long term goals (geographical location/ industry and skills),
  • What international experiences have you had,
  • How you can add value to classes at INSEAD,
  • Explain your career progression etc.

Environment: The interviewers played good cop bad cop. One interview was grilling and the other more relaxed. I was grilled on Why MBA; was asked how/what/why about the current domestic and global economic scenario. The other interview was more conversational and the interviewer discussed life at INSEAD and shared survival tips.

Final Result: Offered admission

IIMA PGPX interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014

GMAT score: 720

Profile: 16+ years in Apparel industry

I was the first candidate of the day, 8.30 AM slot. I was directed to Panel-3. There were 2 profs.

I shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

Q1- Walk us through the resume – I kept it short and started from latest assignment and moved backwards all the way towards 12th class. In the process I highlighted significant achievements at each stage . This lasted for 5-6 minutes.

Prof no.1 was scanning my originals which were neatly put in a folder in serial order.

Q2 – Why MBA /Why now

Q3 – Future of textile industry,

Q4 – What will you do for textile industry

Q5 – How has China changed the landscape in textiles & apparel industry

Q6 – Surprise question : I had indicated that I am fluent in Tamil, so they asked me to recite “Thirukkural” – I could remember one of the couplet studied 3 decades back, I recited it well with meaning.

Q7 – They informed that the course is tough and would call from tremendous dedication, I told them that I am prepared etc etc ..

Final Result: Offered admission

Simon Rochester interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2015, Round 1

GMAT score: 710

Profile: 5+ years in teleom, Job plus own venture

Both interviews last for 45-60 minutes. The first interview experience was more of an ice breaker and info session.

Here is what happened in second interview


Since it’s a blind interview and I only have your resume in front of me. Please tell me about yourself and your education.

Ans: I would like to tell you about my background and I would start with my professional experience in detail. I told them how my education is in line with my career and how I moved from a S/w engineer role to a distributor role.


What do you do and how does your day start?

Ans: I told them how I manage my work and deadlines. I was aware that they will discuss my career goals next so I divided my response into 2 parts. After talking about my work and responsibilities, I shared the problems that I am facing in the business and what I want to learn to tackle them.


Tell me about your short and long term goals? How will Simon help you in achieving them?

Ans: I gave a pretty well-rehearsed and regular answer. I named few name of faculty members which impressed my interviewer. (I limited my answer to 5 minutes)


Tell me about your hobbies and your involvement in activities apart from your work

Ans: I read that Simon has association with toastmasters, so I mentioned that public speaking is one of my interests and I also participate in local clubs and activities. I told her that she can also find about my contribution to the Indian government by searching my name on Google or youtube where I uploaded one of the social awareness project that my firm successfully completed.


How will you contribute to the small class room since we have the smallest classroom?

Ans: Talked about one of my experiences which was that experience will add diversity and spirit of collaboration to the class and a fresh perspective to case studies.


What do you know about Simon community?

Ans: This is a killer question. Here they want to test your knowledge about Simon

Ques: Is there anything you want to ask?

Ans: I asked them some very specific questions (whose answers were not available on the Simon website) about the case completions on social awareness. I also asked how she is currently managing her studies after part time work.

I sent her a request for the feedback after my interview with a thank you note.

Final Result: Offered admission with scholarship

Queens MBA interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 650

Profile: Female, B.Tech, 3+ years in own business in Manufacturing & supply chain

My interview was conducted by Teresa Pires, Assistant Director and Shai Dubey, Director – adcom.

Interview started with they asking me about my experience working in my own company. They asked about my experience of working in a team. With next few questions they tried to judge my attitude towards fellow colleagues. They were actually trying to find out how I will fit in a team with memberd from different backgrounds.

Then they asked me whether I will open my own firm or join back the same business?

Few general questions: Why MBA, my strengths, my weaknesses

Being a young lady, how do I convince people around me.

Why did I score less in one semester in the college. Whether I will be able to cope up with the academic rigour.

Asked for example showing my leadership qualities

Finally they asked if i have any questions for them.

Final result: Offered admission

Emory Goizueta Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2015, Round 1

GMAT score: 740

Profile: 5 years semiconductor industry plus business venture

I was interviewed by an adcom member. My interview was face to face.

Here are the questions:

1. How did I chose my first company as my career option after my undergrad ?

3. How has my career shaped up at my current company ?

4. If someone has to describe your leadership style, what would that person’s opinion be ?

5. Discussion followed on post-mba career goals ?

6. How do you shortlist the b-schools while applying ?

7. Why Emory ?

8. Short discussion about my involvement in Hockeyfollowed by my Running/Marathon activities – I felt she was really interested in this since she herself was a long-distance runner.

Th interviewer gave me time to ask questions about Emory. It was a great experience.

The whole 30 minutes was more of a conversation trying to know me more. I feel they pay a lot of attention to what you write in your resume and they want to see your passion for extracurricular-activities you have mentioned.


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