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All about the MBA tour

The MBA Tour is one of the most renowned educational events in the world. The MBA tour’s purpose is to provide MBA aspirants an opportunity to get good quality and genuine information by direct interaction with the concerned b-schools.

Why to attend

There are many reasons to attend the MBA tour. Some key one are:

  1. Help in decision making: This event is an important source of information for MBA candidates. Direct interaction with the admissions team and alumni will help you take a more informed decision when yoyu shortlist the b-schools.
  2. One stop shop – Many of the elite b-schools participate in the event. This hence becomes a single point for to get well informed about the schools and benchmark them on various parameters such as curriculum, fee, financial aid options and most importantly, what each b-school might look for in a candidate
  3. Real world – Remember that a face to face interaction can’t be substituted for by any online information that you can gather.
  4. Personal contact – If the visiting school’s admission team members are convinced about your fit with the school, they are likely to take your contact details, give theirs and contact you after the event to interact at length. This is a good opportunity to establish personal contact with your target b-schools
  5. Individual school presentations – Some schools schedule for special information sessions about their programs. If some of your targeted schools are doing this, it gives you a better opportunity to talk at a closer level.
  6. Know the unknown – You may find some schools and/or programs which were hitherto not known to you but may be a good fit with your needs. This could include some MS, M.Sc, executive programs for example.
  7. It’s FREE – Last but not the least, all that attending this event takes is some time of yours. Since MBA is a career critical and high investment decision, one has all reasons to attend this event

What should you do before/at the event

  1. Homework – Make a list of schools you are interested in. The parameters for making this list could range from rank of a school to your interest area such as General Management or Finance. Subsequently you should see the names of schools attending the MBA tour and map with your list.
  2. Take your latest resume, with a photograph on it and business –cards along. Give your resume and business cards at counters where you have interest and also good interaction with the b-school team.
  3. Don’t disperse the effort – There is no point talking to schools which do not map to your choice due to whatever reasons. Make sure that you interact well with select schools.
  4. Prepare questions for alumni and adcom – You should prepare some intelligent questions that you may ask to admissions team and alumni. These may range from information about the program (curriculum, teaching methods used, faculty etc) to MBA batch profiles and school’s culture.
  5. Dress well – There is no room for floaters, Hawaii chappals, shorts and casual tees. Dress in decent attire (business casuals are recommended). A ultra casual attire gives an impression of non seriousness.
  6. After the event – If you have collected contact information from some b-schools, make sure that you send them a mail in which you can talk a bit about yourself, the meeting you had at the event and any other queries about the MBA program.

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