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Great Lakes Chennai – GD tips

Great lakes conducts a GD & PI as a part of selection process.

Also, usually a case study is given a GD topic.

e.g. An actual GD case study has been


“You are all the directors of a charitable organization that is looking to raise funds for health safety and human development programs in Africa. You have a found a donor in Mr.Mukesh Ambani who has a surplus of 22 billion dollars. You have to approach him and convince him about donating the money and also explain to him as to how you are going to use those funds for our programs. He is supposed to be business minded.”

So in this case you can attack the GD be speaking about major issues plaguing the African continent such as AIDS, and other diseases…the need to educate, provide basic facilities etc. You will have to convince Mukesh that he would stand to gain by sponsoring this campaign say CSR image of his company.

A Group Discussion is a formal discussion involving ten to 12 participants in a group.

Here are some of the most important personality traits that a candidate should possess to do well at a Group Discussion:

1. Team Player

B-Schools lay great emphasis on this parameter because it is essential for managers to be team players.

2. Reasoning Ability

Reasoning ability plays an important role while expressing your opinions or ideas at a Group Discussion.

3. Leadership

There are three types of situations that can arise in a Group Discussion:

  • A Group Discussion where participants discuss the topic assertively by touching on all its nuances and try to reach the objective.
  • A Group Discussion where participants are unable to establish a proper rapport and do not speak much.
  • A Group Discussion where participants get emotionally charged and the Group Discussion gets chaotic.

Here, a leader would be someone who facilitates the third situation at a Group Discussion.

A leader would shows direction to the group whenever group moves away from the topic , contributes to the Group Discussion at regular intervals with valuable insights & inspires and motivates team members to express their views.

NOTE : Being a mere coordinator in a Group Discussion does not help, because it is a secondary role.

Contribute to the Group Discussion with your ideas and opinions, but also try and steer the conversation towards a goal.

4. Assertiveness

You must put forth your point to the group in a very emphatic, positive and confident manner. Participants often confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness.

5. Flexibility

You must be open to other ideas as well as to the evaluation of your ideas: That is what flexibility is all about.

6. Listening

Always try and strike a proper balance between expressing your ideas and imbibing ideas.

7. Creativity/ Out of the box thinking

An idea or a perspective which opens new horizons for discussion on the Group Discussion topic is always highly appreciated.


  1. Shweta Sapra says:

    Great post. I was really looking for GLIM GD stuff and nothing much is available on the web.

    My interview and GD is on coming Monday. Can you help me with mock interviews and GD.


  2. Shweta Sapra says:

    Had my interview.

    Quick tip for one appearing for Great Lakes interview. A lot of questions are from your undergrad background. Though I am a mech engineer but was honestly not expecting stuff on automotive engineering in the interview.


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