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Great Lakes Chennai Interview questions/ experience 2012-2013

Profile: 2 years Technology & ERP consulting, GMAT : 680
My interview was scheduled at 8 in the morning at Nehru Place greens.
After a brief introduction by admission head the GD started. The topic was “Why Only Cricket Is So popular and not hockey”. It was a normal GD with everyone participating equally.
The Interview started after 10 minutes as they were analysing my profile.
Interview Panel had 3 member (2 ladies and a gentleman)
Interview panel :-Welcome . Have a seat. How would you explain to your grandmother the work you do.
Me:- (I was startled as in no introduction .. nor the usual questions) . well…. i mean…
Interview Panel:- Ok.. Consider me as your grand mother and tell me.
me:- Well my grand mother does not know English so i will have to speak in hindi. And I expalined my work by giving an analogy of washing clothes (Satisfied)
Interview panel :- Very good. Now Explian to me as if i were a layman .
Me:- Explained
Interview panel :- Are you in Finance (ILFS- Financial Giant ) – Who Is the CEO.
Me : Answered.
Interview Panel:- Tell mw something about your International Experience.
Me:- Expalined – What difficulties i faced and how i dealt with it . Here I explained the reason to do the MBA
Interview Panel :- Ok What will you do if your senior comes in way of your work and things get struck?
Me:- I will discuss with him my views and if things doesnot improve , will report to the senior management about the issue.
Interview panel:- How important is decission making in professional work
Me:- Explained. But the panel was not satisfied. He gave a long explanation and i gave a nod.
Interview panel::- Why GLIM ?
Me:- ROI, I year course, Mba In India etc..
Panel:- Whr do u see 5 yrs down the line ?
Me:- In a good Management Consultancy Firm As a consultant.
Panel:- Thanks. Any questions ?
Me:- Thanked everyone.

Result: Selected

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