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IIM A PGPX Interview experience/ questions

Location – IIMA PGPX campus.

Time – 3PM. Interview panel – No. 3

Interviewers – 2 one smiling (let’s say A) and another not smiling (let’s say B)

1. A – so when did you arrive? (ice-breaker)

Answer – Yesterday in Ahmedabad city. Today at 1:50 out here.

2. A – Gave me a topic. Asked to think and speak – Space Tourism.

Answer- Frankly could not remember much except Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic is saying he will invest. Good to have research on how to do it cheap.

3. B – not smiling. Wants me to speak about what I do – Presales.

Answer –some stuff .. Also made mistake – did not practice this answer well.

4. B – asks about ERP business today (I do presales for ERP).

B – So is ERP dead today?

Answer – No! More and more businesses are moving to it.

5. A – asks about why MBA

Answer – told him some well practiced stuff.

6. A – define strategic leadership, if you were to go back to your company what role will you play? How will MBA help?

Answer – Again, some practiced stuff.

7. A – Asks about strengths as an IT guy – 4 or 5.

Answer – God! I did make this one up on the spot.. Bet he understood!! Luckily did not BS much. Even “Prof Smiling A” did not seem too impressed though.

8. A – Why is Europe in such a bad shape today?

Answer – funds arrived in the Euro Zone. Ireland is good study in failure. Everyone thought they had access to it. So funds were mismanaged and misappropriated. spoke too much as well L

9. A – Max team you have lead? Currently?

Answer – Some facts and figures.

10. A – What else can you tell me about yourself?

Answer – Interested in Tae Kwon Do. Etc.. etc..

B – So you still do Tae Kwon Do?

Answer – Yes.

11. A – Any question for us?

Answer – A practiced question … Nothing tremendous.

12. A – anything else you want to ask us?

Answer – There was a student that we were talking to outside. He answered most other things I had to ask. Thanks!

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