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ISB PGPMax – Program info, Requirements, Expenses

What is ISB PGP MAX (

The Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX) has been launched by ISB in December 2009. This management program is made for senior executives, who can’t enroll for a full-time program owing to their hectic work life. It is equivalent to executive management program (or exec MBA).

It is so far the most expensive MBA program in India and also the first in its league.

This is very different from a typical distance MBA and is designed in a way that would not disturb the work life in a major way.

Who should go for it

This is targeted towards senior executives with 10+ years of experience, with potential to become globally renowned business leaders. The executives may be working as a functional leader/ expert or in general management positions. The collective experience of the PGP MAX batch would in itself be a key source of learning.

An indirect audience would also be the organizations who wish to enhance the skills of their leadership teams/ senior members without sending them on sabbatical. Such organizations may sponsor their employees (in part/ full) to pursue PGP MAX program. With the ISB brand, the branding of workforce would also go up.


  • Excellent Brand (ISB is FT 12) and learning opportunity (highly experiences people from across industry)
  • Practically Zero Opportunity cost (learn while you work)
  • Classes will be held for a period of 6 days (every 6th week) at ISB campus. This will allow the candidates to attend the sessions. Travel times range from 3-8 hours from most of the cities in Asia and Europe. Face to face learning in a key highlight of this hybrid program.
  • Opportunity to apply what you learn, simply because you have a sufficient time lag between various learning sessions (6 days each)
  • Access to ISB network, resources and career management services (placement services not included)
  • International stint is another key highlight with a 3 week trip ( 2 weeks in USA and 1 week in Brazil) including industry visits, classes and interaction with top management

How to go about it

The application process was opened on 3rd Dec 2009 and the deadline to submit the application is 15th March 2010. An online application needs to be filled and submitted along with a copy of the resume and certain scanned documents mentioned below:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Bachelors degree certificate and grade/marks sheet(s)
  • Other education documents (if there is some other qualification done)
  • Proof of income
  • Business card of applicant
  • GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS scores, for international candidates

Applicants will be shortlisted for interview (post submission of application and other documents) and final admission decision will be released by 30th April 2010

There is a non refundable application fee of INR 10,000 (approximately USD 200).

It is advisable to take professional help which would guide through application process and essays review.

Other information

Tuition wavers: There are waivers available depending on which category your organization will belong to. Please refer for details

Payment details: The program fee is INR 25 lacs. Please refer for details.

Financing options: Loans are available as per arrangements made by ISB with bank(s). Please refer for details.


  1. Rajiv Nair says:

    I would like to apply for the forthcoming batch of PGP MAX. The website mentions availability of professional help to guide one through the application process.

    Can you let me know details.

    Rajiv Nair

  2. Suman says:

    Thanks Apphelp…

    This is great piece of info. Infact better than whats available on the ISB site.

    I know i have missed this year but would appreciate if you can give me an idea of how many people might have applied.


  3. Kumar says:


    Any Idea, when interviews are getting started for

    How many members will be there in interview panel?
    What type of interview blind or informative or case presentation?


  4. apphelp says:

    Hi Kumar,

    ISB doesn’t publish any interview dates for PGPMAX.
    Interview panel generally has 3 members and it is not a blind interview.

    Apphelp Team

  5. digs71 says:

    the interview dates are likely to be 5-9th april as per their intimate around 10th march

    some of the applicants have recieved intimations regarding their interviews

  6. Kumar says:

    Hi Apphelp,

    Thanks for your immediate anticipation.

    Earlier it was mentioned in the communication by pgpmax (While applying) the set dates for interview from 5th to 9th of April.

    As per that, 5th suppose to be start date. Would like to check if any body got the interview between the above dates.


    • Kumar says:


      Thanks. I received a date on 10th Apr. What does it mean. They extended the dates or they are shortlisting the people for back up ?


  7. digs71 says:

    it could be basis the panel members travel and other logistics

    not sure how many would have been called for interview

    i heard the results would be announced before the end of april

  8. meghadit says:

    Has anybody attended the interview

  9. meghadit says:

    Can anybody infomr me whether anybody attended the interview

  10. digs71 says:

    yes, they are like a typical job interview
    2 panels were there in mumbai and interviews were going on parallely
    each panel had 2 panel members, the panel i attended are from ISB

  11. meghadit says:

    How many aspirants had attended. What are the typical questions asked .When are the results expected

  12. meghadit says:

    What are the typical questions asked .When are the results expected

  13. digs71 says:

    results are out. i am on the waitlist
    congratulations for those who have secured the seat

  14. meghadit says:

    I got it. Needs to pay fees by mid may

  15. digs71 says:

    meghadit – congratulations, i am trying to understand when they would let waitlisted candidates know about their status. you mentioned that you have time till 15th May. Is there a time frame given before which you need to confirm your willingness to join ( even before paying the fees)

    bowri – i guess waitlist is also announced, if you your mail from isb would mention whether you are on waitlist or not. saying this as in my mail it was mentioned that I am on the waitlist

  16. santosh says:

    Yes the results are out. Is there any way we can get the list of selected participants?

    • borwi says:

      congratulations meghadit.

      I have to desperately wait for 1 more year. Not sure if 17 years IT experience and GMAT score of 750 is not enough for isb. Feels terrible. i was pinning all my career hopes on pgpmax. now my pgp chances too are diluted too as i can’t justify why pgp when there is pgpmax.

    • meghadit says:


      I think they will start clearing the waitlisted candidates as and when any of the shortlisted canditates opt out. I am sure there will be quite a few candiates who will opt out consideirng the hefty fees.

      Best of luck!!!!!

  17. digs71 says:


    dont get disappointed.

    there are tons of options, however would depend what you want to do..

    have you seen the courses available at IIM Banglore through the partnership of GDW

    also dont have your profile – the other course you may want to explore is MSc of leadership and strategy at LBS – 1 year full time course – fee is high

    i dont think you should feel that the chances of PGP would be low becoz of a rejection in pgpmax –

    i also heard that many top b schools consider reapplicants +vely as it shows their focus

    750 is a very good score for 1yr course at IIM

    One of the thing the adcom might have kept in mind is the class diversity

    i was also hopeful, now I need to wait for a month so see if my waitlist will make it to this year’s class – fingers crossed

  18. Rajiv says:


    I got through PGPMAX myself. Looking for an angel investor who would pay my fees!

  19. Rajiv Nair says:


    Yes, it would be worth reapplying. I applied for PGPMAX & have got an admission offer. While I am no sure on the overall criteria adopted, my summary is as follows;

    a) The Application form is a very crucial shortlist criteria. The quality of experience, the clarity of thought in the essays, demonstrated leadership & business impact of the candidate in the current & past roles seems important.

    b) The interview seemed to further re-enforce the above. As most questions to me were seeking to demonstrate the stated strengths in the application form. Detailing the stated capabilities with live examples at the workplace seemed to evoke interest in the interviewers. Hence I would suggest address issues with real life examples.

    c) the desire & the committment to the course seemed to be an important criteria. The sheer cost & the time required from the hectic work schedules were an important criteria.

    d) Last but not the least, the overall all views of your immediate seniors in the recommendations also may have had an impact. This is a further manifestation of your capabilities.

    Hence, if you choose to reapply,you may want to consider the above. This is my view.


  20. vinay says:

    What are the chances of an army officer with 20 yrs of work ex+ (in leadership,operations, technology & strategy building)to apply & get admission in PGPMAX while in service and then go for career transition to corporate world.
    Is GMAT score mandatory for this ?

  21. Vikram Misra says:

    Hi Apphelp,

    I am currently based out of Mumbai.

    Is there any professional help available to complete the application & interview of PGPMAX?

  22. Pawan says:

    Hi Apphelp,
    I am pune based working in Vodafone as Head IT Infrastructure. I would like to go through PGPMAX. Looking for professional help here.
    Can I be contacted on my e-mail id for same

  23. digs71 says:

    I would suggest any one interested to know more about PGPMAX or would like to contact any of the students should contact PGPMAX office and they may give you some contacts of local studnets from your city with whom you can interact

    I doing the course this year..and the experience so far has been excellent


  24. aadi_2011 says:

    Hi digs71 and other PGPMAX students,

    I have applied for PGPMAX this year in round 1. I have received the status as interview waitlist. could you pl suggest what does that means and do I stand a chance to get interview call.


  25. Amarpreet says:

    Hi I am a doctor by profession and would like to enroll myself for the pgpmax programme.Ineed to know wether this programme will help me in getting a top management post in corporate hospitalsas I have about 15 years of experience

  26. sharmistha says:

    Wanted to know if you get a MBA degree post completion of PGPMax. Can anyone help?

  27. venumadhav says:

    I am doctor with 9years experience after completing post graduate mbbs dch.can I enroll in pgpmax .is pgpmax or hmd programme is more suitable for doctors .i am interested to enroll in pgpmax .can u suggest the best course for doctor.please give admission dates for pgpmax and hmd for this year.thank u

  28. Hakkim says:

    Is PGPMAX course worth of spending that huge money? How is the market value for this course? what could be expected salary and roles after completion of this course? Please let me know


  29. admin says:

    Hi Hakkim,

    As per what we have heard from PGPMAX alumni we feel that the program is well designed and offers a good ROI. You can broaden your skillset, become part of a well connected network and get the ISB brand.

    ISB doesnt offer placement support for PGPMAX passouts as most of passouts return to their previous organizations in better roles or find job through their network. The idea is that no company will come to Bschool campus to hire a VP or BU Head.

    You can read more here:

  30. Nanda Kishore says:

    I am civil engineering graduate working as a business development manager (country head) for my company involved in to selling technical solutions and products for Infrastructure. I am looking at PGP Max course in helping to widen my career options probably in to other industry segments as well in to leadership roles. Does this course help in this way?

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