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NUS Interview Experience/ Questions 2011

GMAT: 730

Profile: Indian/ Male, 4 years Software Engineer
I had my interview at Taj, Mumbai ( 28 Nov 2010) . I was called and taken to secluded corner of the Hotel Lobby for the interview. There were Mr. Nitin and Mr. Ang waiting for me.

I shook hands and sat down on a chair in front of Mr. Nitin.

N: We don’t have your essays or profile with us so we will have a blind interview.
Me: I said it is fine with me and if you want I have my CV with me.
A: It is fine.
A: What do you think about CSR. What is its purpose?
Me: Replied:
N: If there is no branding involved in CSR does it still worth for a company.
Me: Replied.
N: Which company does have the best CSR policy excluding oil and gas companies and your own company?
Me: Replied.
N: Do you yourself believe in CSR and will have it in your company if you have one someday.
Me: Replied.

A: Which company you admire the most?
Me: X
N: Why X?
Me: Replied.
N: But X is making losses for some time now and has lost its edge.
Me: I sticked to my answer and gave my opinion.
N: I and Ms. Ang both are share holders in X and we want that your opinion works in future too.

End of discussion.

A; What do you think about apple.
Me: Talked in lengths on this as I am a big fan.
N: What do you think is their branding strategy?
Me: Shared my opinion.
A: What will you do if you have to set up a brand.
Me: Gave them an approach?
N: What do you think about Steve Jobs.
Me: Again talked in lengths.
N: Who else do you admire in Business world.
Me: I told them about my CEO and how my company has improved under his leadership.

Had a discussion about my company and its growth.

End of discussion.

Then we started discussing SONY somehow. Dont remember how. I told them that I am currently working on new models of SONY camera and we discussed some of the amazing features of the new camera.

In this discussion I tried to brief them a little bit about my work and responsibilities as well.

They were taking notes all the times.

At the end they asked me to ask them something if I want to.

I asked them about their Alumni connections and again had a discussions for about 5 mins.

Then they asked me to leave.

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  1. Sachin Gupta says:

    hi team APPHELP,

    I have just received an interview call for NUS. Can you share a few more links?

    Also, please let me know if i can talk with this person to understand the interview format.

    Tks in advance.


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