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Programs for MBA aspirants in pre final/ final year of graduation

ISB Young Leaders Program (YLP):

With an urge to become a global leader in corporate world, one can take the first step towards the goal at ISB with its Young Leaders Program. The program is designed for the undergraduate students with excellent academic and extracurricular portfolios. Moreover, with 21 months of work experience and successfully completed YLP, a student can easily secure the admission in the much sought after course at ISB- ‘One year Post Graduate Program (PGP)’.


Key benefits of ISB YLP Program

During YLP you are not only encouraged to learn and apply the knowledge so gained at your workplace. The program also accelerates career growth during the two pre-PGP years vide structured cutting edge learning and mentorship programs and concludes with admission to the PGP in Management.

The youngsters who make it to this program enjoy the following benefits:

a. Guaranteed Admission into the one year PGP: The admit, during his final undergraduate year, will secure admission into the future PGP, contingent upon completion of one year and nine months of work experience.

b. Cutting edge Learning and Mentorship Program

c. The admit will be mentored by experienced ISB counselors to enable him/her navigate his/her career path during the two pre-PGP years.

d. During his/her work tenure, the admit will be attending four intensive weekend programs on the ISB Campus at a gap of six months each.

e. YLP Scholarship: Each youngster who makes it to this program, will be granted a YLP scholarship of ` 1 Lac, in addition to the existing need, merit and corporate scholarships which all PGP students contest for.

f. Build Network: The admits will be connected to a group of YLP peers-like minded high-end achievers – as well as the ISB student community and alumni. Admits can interact, share their experiences and build a network for life.


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Harvard 2+2 PROGRAM:

Students from different fields of science, technology, mathematics and others, who are in college or pursuing their full time Masters program, are eligible for the 2+2 Program offered by one of the most prestigious Harvard Business School. Admits spend two years working in Harvard approved organization and then two years of MBA program in Harvard Business School.

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Yale College Seniors and Silver Scholars:

Yale school of management invites applications of innovative thinkers, future Leaders to their Silver Scholars Program. Yale provides an opportunity to start the MBA program immediately after the completion of undergraduate education. The program is divided into three years.

1st year- To develop the basic skills of a Manager.

2nd year- A full-time internship for real life experiences.

3rd year- In campus for the conclusion of the MBA program, taking electives.

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IESE Young Talent Program:

The program allows senior undergrad students to secure a pre admission to MBA class at IESE. Post securing the preadmission, students have to gain 2 years of work experience before joining IESE Business School. Program is open for the students studying for Bachelors degree or a Master Degree. Though the school does not promise a job Placement but takes the responsibility to send the students CV’s to the companies to give a head start.

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