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Richard Ivey Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 650

Profile: 5+ years in own venture

The interview was conducted on Skype and I spoke to Brenda from the school. She was extremely warm and comforting and her style of interview was simple but she was making through observations (I could see her taking notes).

She started as per usual introduction. She first introduced herself and then she talked about weather in Delhi and some other things she knew about India (with the idea to make the candidate comfortable). She than explained that she would be taking notes throughout the interview.

1. Please walk me through your resume?

While I was going ahead with my life story, she was especially interested in my personal and extracurricular activities. She did not ask me even once about my professional work experience at this stage.

2. Why do you want to do an MBA?

My answer was convincing, however she went to absolute details of what my future plan is. I could see that she is getting into my story and she would not be able to understand my complex enterpreurial plan at the moment. However, she kept digging into see the depth of my plan. She even asked me about my back up plans, again in acute detail (this was not in the case of Rotman as they did not dig so deep)

3. She asked me question on my profile, especially the eco friendly crematoria and how did I came about starting this project.

4. She than asked me the conflict question. How do I deal with a conflict, especially in a team set up. Again, it was a question she spent a lot of time on and she went through in detail about the examples from my professional work-ex?

5. Next she went across my work experience, but it was not in detail as the previous questions. However, she did ask me some specific questions about my cloud computing consulting experience.

6. At this juncture of the interview. She paused and started talking about Richard Ivey and the approach of the Bschool. She gave in detail that Ivey is a very snug program and they are very careful in picking the right people as they have only 135 seats etc.

7. Now she started asking me question I was not expecting (by this time she knew that I had a strong insight on the Bschool- electives, clubs, professors etc). She asked me about Canada (not why study in Canada but like a trivia about Canada). She asked me about the latest stories in Canadian press etc.

8. She asked me about my hobbies, what kind of books do I read etc.

9. In the end, she said that my interview is over and its time I start the process of interviewing her. I asked her about 5 questions (3 I have already thought off and 2 came from our discussion). A point to note here is that this was not just her allowing me to ask questions to her, she deliberately made it into a scenario that I was interviewing the Bschool. She was definitely making an observation here as I saw her writing a lot in this section.

We thanked each other and she advised me that I would be hearing back from the Adcom by Oct first week.

My Observations: This Bschool lays a lot of emphasis on the soft skills. These folks are not too much interested in our work-ex but more concerned about our people skills and what we plan to do in future. I was tracking a lot of folks from India who were getting interviewed by Ivey with me (a week prior and after my interview). If anyone is rejected in the interview I see them getting a ding letter within 5 days. I saw people with good profile and vey high Gmat scores (730+) getting dinged. It seems Ivey is looking for specific profiles. Lastly, from online forums I figured out that Ivey is not very keen on getting the bulk of candidates from India. They are looking at Latin America to diversify and they are giving scholarships to those students.

Final Result: Offered Admission

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