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Simon Rochester interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2015, Round 1

GMAT score: 710

Profile: 5+ years in teleom, Job plus own venture

Both interviews last for 45-60 minutes. The first interview experience was more of an ice breaker and info session.

Here is what happened in second interview


Since it’s a blind interview and I only have your resume in front of me. Please tell me about yourself and your education.

Ans: I would like to tell you about my background and I would start with my professional experience in detail. I told them how my education is in line with my career and how I moved from a S/w engineer role to a distributor role.


What do you do and how does your day start?

Ans: I told them how I manage my work and deadlines. I was aware that they will discuss my career goals next so I divided my response into 2 parts. After talking about my work and responsibilities, I shared the problems that I am facing in the business and what I want to learn to tackle them.


Tell me about your short and long term goals? How will Simon help you in achieving them?

Ans: I gave a pretty well-rehearsed and regular answer. I named few name of faculty members which impressed my interviewer. (I limited my answer to 5 minutes)


Tell me about your hobbies and your involvement in activities apart from your work

Ans: I read that Simon has association with toastmasters, so I mentioned that public speaking is one of my interests and I also participate in local clubs and activities. I told her that she can also find about my contribution to the Indian government by searching my name on Google or youtube where I uploaded one of the social awareness project that my firm successfully completed.


How will you contribute to the small class room since we have the smallest classroom?

Ans: Talked about one of my experiences which was that experience will add diversity and spirit of collaboration to the class and a fresh perspective to case studies.


What do you know about Simon community?

Ans: This is a killer question. Here they want to test your knowledge about Simon

Ques: Is there anything you want to ask?

Ans: I asked them some very specific questions (whose answers were not available on the Simon website) about the case completions on social awareness. I also asked how she is currently managing her studies after part time work.

I sent her a request for the feedback after my interview with a thank you note.

Final Result: Offered admission with scholarship

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