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CMU Tepper Interview Experiences/ Questions

Interview Experience 1: Telephonic, Round 2, Class of 2014

I was interviewed by the Director of Admissions and the interview lasted for almost 45 minutes. It was a conversational interview. I was asked the following questions.

  • Run me through your resume
  • Talk about your short term and long term goals
  • Why MBA & Why Tepper
  • Have you ever led cross functional teams. If yes share few experiences
  • What is your typical day at work like? What are your hobbies
  • Talk about your experience of staying in US. What did you like / dislike

Interview Experience 2: Telephonic, Round 2, Class of 2013

A member of the admissions committee conducted my telephonic interview as I am based out of India. The interviewer didn’t has access to my profile before the interview. We started off with a chit chat and moved on to the standard interview questions:

  • Introduction & job responsibilities
  • Goals post MBA and Why MBA now
  • Why Tepper?
  • What inspired me to apply to Tepper
  • How will I add value to Tepper community
  • Situations where I have emerged as a team leader
  • Hobbies & Interests

My interview lasted for 20 min after which I asked him one question.

CMU Tepper 2011 Interview Experience ( for class entering of 2013)

Interview 1:

GMAT: 740, Profile: IT 3 years

The questions for my interview (CMU Tepper / R1/ 11th November, 2010) were:

1. Discuss your profile work & responsibilities,

2.How does a typical work day looks like for you

3. Why MBA , why now.

4. Why Tepper

5. Some leadership experience

6. Something that you will like to share from outside work.

8. What will be your biggest contribution to Tepper community?

9. What do you think you have to gain most out of Tepper community?

10. Any questions for me.

My interview was with Krystal Brooks (from the admissions committee) and lasted around 25 minutes.

Interview 2:

GMAT: 710, Profile: Female, IT 4 years

Duration – 30 minutes

Interviewer – Krystal Brooks


1) Walk me through your resume – academically and professionally.

2) Why MBA and why now?

3) Why Tepper?

4) What plans immediately after Tepper

5) What do you do outside work?

6) How would you contribute to the collaborative team environment at Tepper?

7) Any questions for us?

Overall the interview was very relaxed. She was very encouraging while I was answering the questions.


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