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Emory Goizueta Interview experience/ questions

For Class of 2015, Round 1

GMAT score: 740

Profile: 5 years semiconductor industry plus business venture

I was interviewed by an adcom member. My interview was face to face.

Here are the questions:

1. How did I chose my first company as my career option after my undergrad ?

3. How has my career shaped up at my current company ?

4. If someone has to describe your leadership style, what would that person’s opinion be ?

5. Discussion followed on post-mba career goals ?

6. How do you shortlist the b-schools while applying ?

7. Why Emory ?

8. Short discussion about my involvement in Hockeyfollowed by my Running/Marathon activities – I felt she was really interested in this since she herself was a long-distance runner.

Th interviewer gave me time to ask questions about Emory. It was a great experience.

The whole 30 minutes was more of a conversation trying to know me more. I feel they pay a lot of attention to what you write in your resume and they want to see your passion for extracurricular-activities you have mentioned.

Emory Goizueta Interview experience/ Questions

Profile: 4 yrs IT, 1 yr Own venture, GMAT : 710

I had my interview with Adcom member of GBS.
It was a pleasure talking to her, she was adorable. Her smile and politeness calmed me down.
PFB the interview questions:

1. How did you find the application process?
2. Tell me about your professional background.
3. Could you please explain each of the job changes till date?
4. What are your plans post MBA
5. What do you look for when you apply to any school
6. How will your co workers describe you
7. Post MBA how would your peers and faculty describe you
8. What should I tell about you to the community, once I return to GBS
9. Where do you aim to do your internship?
10. What specific role would you take up in the internship?
11. What specialization of MBA you interested in?
12. tell me about an instance when you failed
13. Tell me about your weakness
14. What do you expect from your peers whom you would meet during MBA
15. What are the challenges you have identified in expanding your family business .
16. Questions for GBS?

17. Any apprehension about MBA ?


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