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Great Lakes GD & Interview experience/ Questions

The GD topic of the group before mine was ‘Technology and Corruption’ and my group’s GD topic was ‘Media Activism: Whether it is affecting the social-fabric of our society’.

Interviewer-1: What is negative working-capital and whether it is good for a company? (I come from a commerce background, maybe hence the question).

Me: I made a guess. And told him that its been years since I graduated and in my current job-profile, I have had very little exposure in accounting, hence I may be wrong in my answer

Interviewer-1: Again asked me three more accounting concepts

Me: Smiled and told him that I don’t know, but will make a wild guess.

Interviewer: Agreed and asked to make guesses.

Me: Made guesses (bad ones)

Interviewer-1: You graduated from a prestigious college and yet you don’t know the concepts.

Me: Smiled (totally demotivated)

Interviewer-2: Tell me about your job-profile

Me: Answered about the work I did.

Interviewer-1: How often do I travel abroad?

Me: Told him that I had traveled internationally on work thrice in 2010, and appx twice in each of the years before.

Interviewer-1: Tell me about your company?

Me: Gave a gist about my company’s activities

Interviewer-1: Whats the turn-over of your company?

Me: Answered the statistics and told him that the YoY growth of the company has been more than 200% hence I have had a lot of learning experience in understanding the problems a growing organization encounters.

Interviewer-1: Asked me to elaborate that.

Me: Elaborated on branding, counterfeiting, production problems, labor problems, production problems etc etc.

Interviewer-1: Whats the employee strength – including workers at factory and office-staff.

Me: 200

Interviewer-1: Tell me about your group of companies.(the company that I work for is a part of a larger company with several business interests)

Me: Gave him a gist about each of the businesses.

Interviewer-1: Whats the turnover of the entire group

Me: Answered the statistics

Interviewer-1: Asked me two accounting terms ‘Capital Surplus’ and ‘Revenue Surplus’?

Me: Made a guess about ‘revenue surplus’ (which was ofcourse wrong) and told him I don’t know ‘capital surplus’.

Interviewer -1: Explained me ‘Capital surplus’ with an example.

Interviewer -2: You have written that you have worked for an NGO, what is the kind of work you have done?

Me: Told her about my experiences with the NGO

Interviewer -1: Tell me the name of the movie in which the hero asked his factory workers to work overtime and did not pay them overtime charges. Yet the workers readily worked for the hero.

Me: Hum hai rahi pyaar ke with Aamir Khan in the lead role…J

Interviewer -1: Why Greak Lakes?

Me: Answered

Interviewer -1: Somehow you do not come across me as a serious MBA applicant. Why do you think we should take you?

Me: Told him that I am dedicated towards pursing my further studies. In the past, I have managed work and 1 year weekend classes together.

Interviewer -1: Any plans of getting married ?

Me: No. Not for the next 3-4 years until I am settled professionally.

Interviewer -1: In what field I would want do my specialization?

Me: Marketing

Interviewer -1: Thank-you.


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