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INSEAD interview experience/ questions

For Class starting in Sep 2013

GMAT score: 760

Profile: 4+ years in Economics – Advisory & Research

I was interviewed by CEO of an MNC and President of a Consultancy firm.

Standard Questions: Interviews were conducted at their respective offices and both interviews lasted 1.5 hours each. Interviewers have to fill a certain feedback form and most of the questions are asked from that form. These were:

  • Why MBA,
  • Why INSEAD,
  • What are your short term and long term goals (geographical location/ industry and skills),
  • What international experiences have you had,
  • How you can add value to classes at INSEAD,
  • Explain your career progression etc.

Environment: The interviewers played good cop bad cop. One interview was grilling and the other more relaxed. I was grilled on Why MBA; was asked how/what/why about the current domestic and global economic scenario. The other interview was more conversational and the interviewer discussed life at INSEAD and shared survival tips.

Final Result: Offered admission

INSEAD Interview experience/questions 2010 ( for class of 2012)

Profile : IIT, 4 years experience, 2 years IT services, 2 years Own venture

1) Why engineering? Did you chose Metallurgy or it was based on rank?

I said academically I had a restrictive background and so needed to get out it and interest in science led me to engineering and what can be better than any one of the IITs

2) Why MBA? Why now? Asked me to explain when I said that I want to expand beyond traditional business model? Why INSEAD?

3) Leadership example from Infosys

4) Failure example. At this he came up with study-group case where he asked me how I would react if someone in the group is not contributing. He stretched me a bit on this asking more questions e.g. if you take over his work then you are allowing him to relax, which is not good. I said my primary concern is the group’s objective. His phone rang and we broke of the conversation there 🙂

5) Outside of work example

6) Clubs of interest at INSEAD


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