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NUS Interview experience/ questions

NUS Interview Experience 1

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 740

Profile: 5 years semiconductor industry plus business venture

Below are few things i remember from my NUS interview todat at Hotel Shangri La in New Delhi

1. Interviewers were running late, They called me for interview at their lunch table itself.

2. Two ladies – Both were adcom members.

3. Questions started….Which global business leader has impressed you the most (other than Steve Jobs/Bill gates).

4. How has you career shaped-up at Company XYZ ( my current organization)?

5. Tell us something about your innovation-experience at Company XYZ.

6. As the lead of Implementation Team, tell us some unpopular decisions you have made in your professional career

7. Discussion followed on Apiculture, how did I start it and where is it today ?

8. What have I learnt from my experience with Apiculture ?

9. Tell us one current-topic you would want to discuss (not sure if she wanted me to discuss business topic or any general topic) . It was only me who spoke, there was no discussion.

Interview lasted for 20-25 minutes.

NUS Interview Experience 2

For Class of 2014, Round 1

GMAT score: 710

Profile: 2 years in Technology, 2 years in Eductaion

Q1. Why did you leave TCS and join TFI?

Ans. Told them about my TCS CSR experience and my interest in the work. Also told them about the benefits of joining TFI such as interacting with diverse set of people, experiencing the bottom of the pyramid etc.

Q2. Any ethical dilemma faced at TFI?

Ans. Told them about something in my classroom.

Q3. Which international figure inspires you? Preferably non-Indian.

Ans. Wendy Kopp – Founder Teach For America. Told about what keeps her going.

Q4. What keeps you going?

Ans. Explained about my ideas.

Q5. Any recent management book you read?

Ans. Told them about the book, explained the content, though I could not recollect the name of the book at that time.

Q6. You have mentioned in your resume about your hobby to travel to unconventional places. Which places did you visit?

Ans. Told them about 4 places I visited and what I learnt.

Q7. Any questions you want us to answer?

Ans. Told about a latest school education program in Singapore and asked if I would find time to see the same.

They replied that in first semester it might be tough because people take time to settle down but later it depends on you.

NUS Singapore Interview Experience/ Questions

GMAT: 630

Profile: Indian/ Female, 5 years PR & Communications

There were two people who conducted the interview- a lady from Adcom and the Prof. Nitin (the academic head) and both were equally involved in posing questions and evaluating. The lady from Ad Com was taking notes while Prof Nitin was judging the communication skills and body language.

The interview was pretty different from expected. There were no questions around Tell us something about yourself, why do you wish to pursue an MBA etc.

I was told by the interviewers that they have no sense of my profile and that all they had seen were my essays. Apparently, it was a blind interview, although towards the end they did ask me about my one of my client projects and what different did i manage for them.

The first question was from my essay that I wrote on offshoring the production base. They asked me questions around:

  • If you had to choose a destination which one would it be and why? I answered India
  • Why not China? What will be the comparative advantage if it was China and disadvantage too?

The next question was posed by Prof Nitin on a professional failure and how did I overcome that/learnings? I was not prepared for this and took a few seconds to answer. In the meanwhile, he asked if there have been no professional failures? Which I handled by saying- thats a rare possibility and then quickly made something up.

They were ready to wrap up my interview in fifteen minutes and asked if i have some questions for them. I managed to pull the conversation by saying please let me know if you have a few questions related to my profile as i would not get a chance to speak with you again.

Post this there were a few questions around my profile- Why I chose the profession I am pursuing, what excites me in it, the work that i did for one of my clients, the adcom lady also asked me a question on what keeps me going apart from work.

Towards the end there was also a question on how my experience has been on working with international clients and what I learnt from them.

The last bit of the conversation was my question to NUS.

The interview lasted for 30 minutes and overall was quite comfortable and more of a conversation than questions and cross questions.

NUS Interview Experience/ Questions 2011

GMAT: 730

Profile: Indian/ Male, 4 years Software Engineer
I had my interview at Taj, Mumbai ( 28 Nov 2010) . I was called and taken to secluded corner of the Hotel Lobby for the interview. There were Mr. Nitin and Mr. Ang waiting for me.

I shook hands and sat down on a chair in front of Mr. Nitin.

N: We don’t have your essays or profile with us so we will have a blind interview.
Me: I said it is fine with me and if you want I have my CV with me.
A: It is fine.
A: What do you think about CSR. What is its purpose?
Me: Replied:
N: If there is no branding involved in CSR does it still worth for a company.
Me: Replied.
N: Which company does have the best CSR policy excluding oil and gas companies and your own company?
Me: Replied.
N: Do you yourself believe in CSR and will have it in your company if you have one someday.
Me: Replied.

A: Which company you admire the most?
Me: X
N: Why X?
Me: Replied.
N: But X is making losses for some time now and has lost its edge.
Me: I sticked to my answer and gave my opinion.
N: I and Ms. Ang both are share holders in X and we want that your opinion works in future too.

End of discussion.

A; What do you think about apple.
Me: Talked in lengths on this as I am a big fan.
N: What do you think is their branding strategy?
Me: Shared my opinion.
A: What will you do if you have to set up a brand.
Me: Gave them an approach?
N: What do you think about Steve Jobs.
Me: Again talked in lengths.
N: Who else do you admire in Business world.
Me: I told them about my CEO and how my company has improved under his leadership.

Had a discussion about my company and its growth.

End of discussion.

Then we started discussing SONY somehow. Dont remember how. I told them that I am currently working on new models of SONY camera and we discussed some of the amazing features of the new camera.

In this discussion I tried to brief them a little bit about my work and responsibilities as well.

They were taking notes all the times.

At the end they asked me to ask them something if I want to.

I asked them about their Alumni connections and again had a discussions for about 5 mins.

Then they asked me to leave.


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