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Oxford Said interview experience, questions 2011-2012

Profile: IIT, 2 yrs Manufacturing, 1 yr Finance

Here are mt interview questions:

1) What is your role in current job? Explain your career progression from manufacturing to finance.

2) What do you want to do immediately after MBA?

3) What is leadership according to you?

4) If you are given 2 minutes to talk, what would like to tell me?

5) What is XXX (a start-up I co-founded)?

6) How will you contribute to the class?

7) What is the biggest challenge you face in your current job?

8) Did you face any failure in job? What did you learn?

9) Did you face any conflicts in job? How did you resolve them?

10) 10) Any questions?

Oxford Said 2011 interview questions/ experience

Profile: 4 years Operations & Consulting

GMAT: 750

The interview was a pretty conversational one and following are the questions which were asked which I can remember:
  1. What are you doing currently?
  2. How has you consulting experience been?
  3. How did you handle stress while performing so many tasks?
  4. Why MBA?
  5. Why Oxford?
  6. One instance where your communication helped to solve problem?
  7. One instance where you lead a dysfunctional team?
  8. What did you take away regarding people from your cross cultural exposure?
  9. Biggest failure and learning you derived from it?
  10. Anything else you would want me to ask you?
  11. Any questions?

Oxford Said Interview Experience/Questions 2011 ( for class of 2012)

GMAT: 710

Profile: Indian/ Female, 4 years Software Engineer & analyst
I was interviewed by the head of admissions from Oxford. She was very pleasant and friendly. She made me feel quite comfortable and relaxed before starting with the interview. The interview began with introductions and it lasted for almost 45 mins. Here are the questions asked.

1. Tell me something about yourself
2. What are your major responsibilities at work?
3. What challenges you face in this role?
4. Why MBA and why Oxford?
5. What are your major strengths?
6. What makes you a good leader?
7. Tell me about a situation where you faced a challenging situation as a leader. How do you deal with people of different natures like an extremely introvert or an extremely extrovert person?
8. Tell me about a situation in which you helped a team member
9. What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Are you a leader or a manager?
10. What has been your biggest professional failure?
11. What are your weaknesses? What are you doing to improve upon your weaknesses.
12. What makes Oxford different from the other schools you are applying to?
13. Why do you want to get into consulting?
14. If not Oxford then what?
15. If you don’t a job after MBA what is your back up plan?
16. Where do you want to work after you MBA and why?
17. How do you deal with cultural differences in people?
18. What challenges do woman face in the corporate world?
19. Why should we accept you into Oxford? Give me 3 reasons?
20. Are you a better leader or better team player?
21. Any questions for us?


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