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Queens Canada Essay tips

Queens Canada Essay 1: Please explain why you are applying to a team-based MBA, what you expect to bring to this program, and what you expect the challenges and rewards of this learning model might be. (500 words)

Essay Tips: Queens MBA is significantly different from other MBA programs as it focuses mainly on team-based learning. So, the admission committee wants to know whether you are aware of that and find the programs suitable for your requirements. You are expected to have done proper research on Queens programs. Once you do that it will be easy for you to answer ‘Why Queens?’ As for example, Queens emphasizes on personal development under team environment and even allots personal coach for students for that. You have to explain how you find this process beneficial. You can quote example from your past experience of working in a team environment to clarify the usefulness of the model in today’s context.

After displaying your awareness and keenness on Queens programs, now you have to assume how with your specific qualities and unique skills you can contribute to its community. So, share some of your specialties that distinguish you from other candidates. It can be anything starting from your personal qualities to professional skills. Just show that it will help to add to Queens community.

For the last part of the question, talk about pros and cons of team-based learning procedure and explain how exciting its challenges will be and how rewarding it will be for you in future to cope with modern team-based business developments.

Queens Canada Essay 2: Tell us something about yourself that we would not find on your resume. (500 words)

Essay Tips: This essay gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd by presenting a sample from your strengths or experiences. The purpose is to unfold one of your inner strengths that can not be cleared through your resume. The best way to answer this question will be by describing a real life story in which there will be enough of materials to provide the admission committee with a glimpse of your real persona. There are assortments of alternatives and you can choose any one from those. For example, you can share an experience that shows your potential as a leader, a mistake that taught you a lesson of lifetime, a personal quality that distinguish you from others, a hobby that differentiate you, a background you are proud of or anything.

Queens Canada Essay 3: Please describe your short-term and long-term career objectives, and how you expect our program to contribute to them. (500 words)

Essay Tips: This one is a typical goals essay with an addition of ‘Why Queens?’ again at the end of it. The real challenge is to do justice to all the parts of the question within a limited word count. Provide a glimpse of your career progression so far with special focus on the role of MBA in your present career context. After stating why a MBA will be a turning point in your career, you need to be more specific and tell where you think you can reach immediately after completing this. This, in other words, will be your short-term goal. For long-term goal, you have to foresee how this MBA can contribute to your future career progressions and where you expect to see yourself after several years. While making assumptions, make sure that you don’t sound too unrealistic in your expectations.

As for your logic behind choosing Queens out of so many business schools, be careful about overlapping as you have already given some similar logic in question 1. Mark that, this one is slightly different as it specifically wants your take on the role of Queens in accomplishing your goals. So, you better refrain from talking about this in the first essay. If you conduct any kind of online or offline research on Queens programs through your visit to campus, interaction with students or surfing through websites, then it will be wise to state those here.


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