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UNC Kenan Flagler interview experience/ questions

Total Time: 40 minutes

Interviewer: Amitav Virmani

A: Amitav

A: Tell me about yourself

ME: I talked about my education, my work at Cadence & STMicroelectronics. Then I talked about my personal interests, and about my initiative PlanetWayRound.

A: Why MBA?

ME: I talked about technology knowledge and finance skill set. Want to use them together in an M&A/Corporate Finance role. But how, MBA will fit in there.

A: Where do you see yourself 5 & 10 years from now?

ME: 5 years – Director of M&A in a technology major. 10 years – CFO of a company.

A: Tell me a situation where you faced issues with teaming, but you were still successful.

ME: I talked about my experience at Cadence Design Systems, where I had to lead a team of 3 where all 3 were senior to me. I had to respect their seniority, gain from there experience and at the same time communicate via the management channel, so as not to offend anybody.

A: Tell me about any challenge that you faced and solved it and you were awarded for the same.

ME: I talked about the challenge I faced at STM. I solved a bug in the device that was about to go in production and I saved around $60K for the company and was awarded “Best All Rounder of APG”

A: How will you add value to the class?

ME: 1. I talked about my unique skill-set which is a combination of technology knowledge and financial skill-set. 2. I talked about my diverse interests and the interpersonal skills that I have gained from them. 3. I talked about my leadership qualities gained from professional work, planet way round and India bull riders.

A: I talked about which bikes I have.

ME: I told him about my 3 bikes.

A: He asked me about India Bull Riders

ME: I told him about the activities, the weekend rides, the long rides. He was amazed to know the places I have covered on my bike.

A: Any questions for me?

ME: I asked about the journey from the General Manager post at the office of the CEO at Ranbaxy to the Country Head of Ark, an NGO.

A: He told about his motivation behind that.

ME: Then I talked about my NGO work in detail. He was impressed by my ideas and the events I organized in the past to generate money for charity.

A: Any other questions.

ME: I asked him how the career advancement team will help me transition from technology to finance.

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